• Employee Wellness


    We provide confidential and compassionate services aimed at prevention, counselling and support.

    PROCARE offers sustainable and integrated HIV/AIDS services to our clients

    The International Labour Organisation's (ILO) places South Africa's HIV/AIDS prevalence rate at 21.5% and states that the costs to the economy were mainly due to workforce deaths and labour absenteeism. In addition, HIV poses a huge threat to companies' markets, both in terms of future customers and the societies in which companies operate, source labour and seek investors and shareholders.

    Research conducted by the Bureau for Economic Research on behalf of the South African Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS, showed that almost 33% of the 1006 companies surveyed said that their profitability have been negatively affected. This research also showed that HIV/AIDS had the most impact on the manufacturing sector, while the retail sector has seen less of an impact. More than 40% of companies in Gauteng reported lower labour productivity and increased absenteeism due to HIV/AIDS, STIs and TB (HAST).
    The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that 40-50% of the current South African workforce will die of AIDS within the next ten years. It is therefore crucial that all role-players develop a strategic response, intensive planning and immediate actions and collaborations to minimise the impact on companies and the economy.

    PROCARE offers sustainable and integrated HIV/AIDS, STIs and TB (HAST) services to Companies/Organisations and Educational Institutions and other Work Groups.

  • Individuals and Families

    We help individuals and families deal with adverstiy, we offer support in trying times, but most of all, we care"

    Counselling services

    Emotional issues, stress, depression and general wellness
    Children and Teenagers
    Emotional and behavioural issues, self esteem, poor concentration, life skills
    Relationship counselling
    Pre-marital, marital and couple counselling, inter-personal skills
    Family counselling
    Communication, dealing with conflict, parental guidance, pre-divorce and divorce counselling, custody mediation and parenting plans, reconstructed families, single parenting
    Trauma debriefing and trauma counselling
    Hijacking, rape, robbery, loss and bereavement, childhood trauma


    Adult and family assessments
    Adult assessments, inter-personal relationships(Couples, parent-child etc.)
    Child assessments
    General functioning, trauma, misbehaviour, emotional issues Suspected abuse (Sexual, physical, emotional)

    Investigations and Reports

    Access rights, mediation, parenting plans and general functioning, suspected abuse, Adoptions; Our social workers are accredited by the Dept of Social Development and the SA Council for Social Service Professions to provide national adoption services. We specialise in baby, step-parent and trans-racial adoptions. We provide comprehensive screening services and support to prospective adoptive parents as well as counselling for birth parents.

  • Training for Companies

    training for companies

    Life skills programmes for employees

    All our training, life skill programmes and short courses are presented by professional people specializing in the specific field. Presented at the company/organisation or at PROCARE

  • Training for Educational Institutions

    training for educational institutions
    All our training, life skill programmes and short courses are presented by professional people specializing in the specific field. Presented at the educational institution or at PROCARE

    Life skills programmes for learners